Sunday, 4 July 2010

Ghost Hunting and Paranormal activity

I recently went to the Station Hotel in Dudley with my daughter for a paranormal nights investigation.

We used dousers,noise box and ouija boards.
The dousers were funny things, we had to order them once comfortable in our hands to "show me my yes!" This is for a ghost hunter to know what area of a room a ghost is, mine kept swinging to the left, felt like a magnet pulling, then we had to order them to "show me my No!", they would swing in the opposite direction, some people couldn't get them to move at all, was all good fun.

The noise box didn't do anything, just sounded like an old radio trying to tune in.

The ouija boards were very interesting, we followed the rules and always said "Goodbye", I didn't feel scared at all.

After midnight we went into the cellar, it's very big and has a long corridor and lots of rooms leading off, at one stage my daughter got the fright of her life and dropped her phone on the floor, it was only a lady in our group walking back around the corner, it was so funny!

At about 1.30am we went into the big hall to experience table tilting.
This was very energetic, lots of running around in circles and up and down the hall, was very funny indeed.

We went back to the coach and finaly got home and to bed at 4.30 am.

The only wierd thing to us is that my phone's screen is broken and yet it was my daughters phone that was dropped, so I have a souviner of the evenings events anyway.

I enjoyed the whole experience, my daughter did to, and we both would do another one should the opportunity turn up.

In the photo's you can see "orbs", are they spirits or dust particals, I will leave that up to you!

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