Wednesday, 4 May 2016

Masquerade masks

I have been busy making my masks and I have done some hair accessories with cute bat wings perfect for vampire/gothic/halloween fans! 

I just finished and listed this lovely mask with a music theme, you can find it in my shop

It is pearl white with a philharmonic orchestra decoupage picture and shiny gold foil edging, it ties with long grey ribbon and is perfect for all masked events!

If you love bats and like something a little different take a look at my hair bands, you can find them here!
They are suitable for all ages apart from young children due to small parts.
I have magical fairy themed ones too!
Why not pop over to my Etsy shop where you can see my full collection!

Thursday, 14 April 2016

Dark Fairy Queen hair accessories

On the darker side

As promised are some pics of my Dark Fairy/Vampire hair accessories
I have made them using charcoal coloured reindeer moss, black lace, ribbon roses and cute little bat wings!

They look fabulous on and are available to buy from my Etsy shop! 

They come in a variety of designs and on different coloured Alice bands.

They are the perfect costume accessory to wear for Halloween parties, Goth events and festivals.

Light weight and comfortable to wear, these are suitable for teens to adults, not for small children as they have small parts and are a delicate item.

Tuesday, 12 April 2016

Fairy hair accessories and new vampire bat Alice bands

Away with the fairies! 

I have been making more fairy wing hair accessories!
 I really enjoy making these wearable miniature little gardens, they so cute and pretty with the moss,ivy leaves,flowers and ribbon roses and are a perfect accessory for garden parties, woodland weddings and fairy festivals.

They are available to buy from my Etsy shop or my shop some have already sold, but I am adding more all the time!

Hand decorated mask!

This mask is amazing, it looks so pretty and has real reindeer moss, fairy wings and a toadstool, it really is magical and comes in this lovely sparkly blue.
 It ties with long blue organza ribbon and is unique, you can buy it here!

Handmade mask!
I had great fun making this mask, it is made from strips of friendly plastic and decorated with gold glitter and little yellow flowers...looking very woodland. It has now sold! 

I am now in the process of making Gothic/vampire style Alice bands, these will be along the same theme as the fairy hair accessories but in black/purple/green watch this space as pics should be up very soon!

Tuesday, 8 March 2016

Magical Fairy mask ..enchanting

Do you believe in fairies?

I have been making a mask today, it is a gorgeous blue green pearl base that is hand painted in acrylic paint.

The fairies are resting next to the large ivy leaf.

There is lichen/reindeer moss in dark green and pretty paper flowers, sparkly gems,glitter and fabulous little fairy wings, all sparkly and magical!
 ..please note that no fairies were harmed!

The cute toadstool nestles nicely in the moss and is surrounded with gems and glitter.

All I need to do next is add the ribbon for tying and then I can list it in my online shop and my Etsy shop 

Here are some pics of how I have been building up the look :D 


A magical secret garden! 

Fairies live here! 

Away with the faeries!

I will add the ribbon tomorrow and hopefully get some great photo's for listing purposes, hope you love it!! 

It's a perfect accessory for any masked event, especially those that are in enchanting woodlands where forest fairy folk live, also, ..secret garden parties and Faerie Festivals! 

Wednesday, 2 March 2016

Masquerade Masks for all events

I now have a New website as well as my Etsy shop!

 I am adding to it all the time, at the moment it still needs a few tweeks but I am very happy with it!

I will list new masks and accessories so that there is more of a variety to my Etsy store.

Check back soon!

Thursday, 25 February 2016

Away with the fairies

Today's post is covered with a sprinkling of fairy dust! 

These Alice bands are just the sweetest thing and are perfect for hair accessory for garden parties, fairy festivals, woodland weddings and everyday!!!

Beautiful Faeries

Real reindeer moss, sparkly glitter, gems and ribbon roses!

Don't these look fab!

Available in my Etsy shop!

Enchanted hair accessories!


Wonderful hair decorations with toadstools,fairy wings, moss and sparkle!

If you would like to see more, follow the link to my ETSY shop, 
you can also follow my FACEBOOK page too!!

Friday, 22 January 2016

Purple and silver leather mask

I have finished the leather mask now, it looks fab in metallic purple and silver, really vibrant and shiny. 

I just need to add the ribbon, which is doubled up narrow purple and matches perfectly!

The mask will be available in my Etsy shop over the next few days.

It is suitable for both men and women.
Comfortable and ties with long ribbon.