Friday, 28 October 2016

Evil Queen's and woodland fairies

As you know, I decided to split my items into two shops, separating the masks from the fairy wings and flower garlands, you can find my Masquerade masks here! 
.......and you can find my new shop with fairy accessories, hair wreaths and evil queen crowns here!

Here are a few items from my new shop  I am trying to keep it topped up with regular updated new stock as in hair garlands and fairy accessories.
I also have evil queen crowns with roses, perfect for the enchantress in you and there are mermaid tiara's, packed with real shells!

I hope you enjoy browsing my new shop and if you have any questions just ask!

You are welcome to use this coupon code "BOLSHIE10" in my new shop Bolshie Alice ..It will get you 10% off your order!

Thursday, 4 August 2016

Masked ball

Hi There, it has been a while since I updated my blog, so here goes!

These are my latest masks, they are all available in my ETSY SHOP 

Ladies copper masquerade mask

Men's gold music themed mask in a devil style.

Men's black and silver devil style mask.

Ladies Grecian goddess style masquerade.

Beautiful English garden birds ladies pretty!

An enchanting Mermaid mask, encrusted with shells, sand and pearls..just!

Hand crafted black leather mask

Hand crafted Halloween mask with burlap and husks....oooh..spooky!!

These are just a few of my masks that are available in my Etsy shop 
 .....from pretties to horror, so definitely something for everyone! :D 

I ship within 3 - 5 days and every mask is ready and available.

Thank you for visiting and I hope you enjoy browsing my ETSY SHOP :) 

Tuesday, 7 June 2016

Fairy hair accessories!

I decided that my masquerade mask shop was getting too busy with fairy winged hair accessories and floral hair wreaths so I moved everything fairy themed over to a new shop on Etsy.
If you want to find my masquerade masks they are still here in Etsy.

If you want to have a stroll through a magical garden please take a wonder over to Bolshie Alice where you will find all my fairy Alice bands and flower wreaths plus my Vampire Halloween bats range, they all look so much nicer together!

I hope you love the way I have set the shops up, please enjoy visiting them both!

Sunday, 22 May 2016

New Forest Fairy Festival

Fae, Fairy, Faerie..

I am going to the fairy festival this year in August, I can't wait, it's all so exciting!! 
 I would be really missing out if I didn't go!!!

"Away with the Fairies"!! :)

I am too late to attempt to book a stall to show off my fairy hair accessories but if you want to have a look at them they are available in my Etsy shop or in my other online shop 
*please note both these shops are closed at the moment but only until Friday 27th May as I am taking a short break for a few days! :) 
So please don't forget to bookmark them or pop back next Friday! 

Wire wrapped hair garlands in different sizes! 
You can also call these crowns,circlets or hair wreaths :)
Each one is wrapped with florist tape and entwined with mulberry paper roses, wired beads and fairy or butterfly style wings!

Masquerade magical!

Alice bands hand decorated with real reindeer moss..they look like miniature fairy gardens!

The wings are ready made from plastic and I decorate them with gems and glitter, mount them on the hair accessories nestled amidst moss, gems and fairy dust, they really do look enchanting!

Thank you for visiting! 

Wednesday, 4 May 2016

Masquerade masks

I have been busy making my masks and I have done some hair accessories with cute bat wings perfect for vampire/gothic/halloween fans! 

I just finished and listed this lovely mask with a music theme, you can find it in my shop

It is pearl white with a philharmonic orchestra decoupage picture and shiny gold foil edging, it ties with long grey ribbon and is perfect for all masked events!

If you love bats and like something a little different take a look at my hair bands, you can find them here!
They are suitable for all ages apart from young children due to small parts.
I have magical fairy themed ones too!
Why not pop over to my Etsy shop where you can see my full collection!

Thursday, 14 April 2016

Dark Fairy Queen hair accessories

On the darker side

As promised are some pics of my Dark Fairy/Vampire hair accessories
I have made them using charcoal coloured reindeer moss, black lace, ribbon roses and cute little bat wings!

They look fabulous on and are available to buy from my Etsy shop! 

They come in a variety of designs and on different coloured Alice bands.

They are the perfect costume accessory to wear for Halloween parties, Goth events and festivals.

Light weight and comfortable to wear, these are suitable for teens to adults, not for small children as they have small parts and are a delicate item.

Tuesday, 12 April 2016

Fairy hair accessories and new vampire bat Alice bands

Away with the fairies! 

I have been making more fairy wing hair accessories!
 I really enjoy making these wearable miniature little gardens, they so cute and pretty with the moss,ivy leaves,flowers and ribbon roses and are a perfect accessory for garden parties, woodland weddings and fairy festivals.

They are available to buy from my Etsy shop or my shop some have already sold, but I am adding more all the time!

Hand decorated mask!

This mask is amazing, it looks so pretty and has real reindeer moss, fairy wings and a toadstool, it really is magical and comes in this lovely sparkly blue.
 It ties with long blue organza ribbon and is unique, you can buy it here!

Handmade mask!
I had great fun making this mask, it is made from strips of friendly plastic and decorated with gold glitter and little yellow flowers...looking very woodland. It has now sold! 

I am now in the process of making Gothic/vampire style Alice bands, these will be along the same theme as the fairy hair accessories but in black/purple/green watch this space as pics should be up very soon!