Tuesday, 21 October 2014

Jack Frost/Ice Queen glue mask masque masquerade masked ball tutorial tips

Glue mask making tips/tutorial.
I have been dying to try this out, so I bought some extra long ( 30cm) x 11 mm hot glue sticks and had a go!
You need greaseproof paper and a template or just draw your design onto the paper if you can!
Heat your gun right up and off you go!
I used white organza as a base but you don't need to have a base as the glue builds up to a thick layer anyway, but I thought shiny white organza would look effective.
Do the outline first concentrating around the eyes and edges, and then just build up until you are happy with your design.
I put glitter in between the layers but you can wait and do that after.

Once it was dry, I roughly cut away the excess organza, I say roughly because it is too fiddly to be neat and it also leaves a nice raggedy edge that fits in well with the style.

This is the mask finished with long white sheer organza ribbon to tie.
I topped up the glitter as well ...for lots of sparkle.
You can add rhinestones, pearls and buttons, in fact anything you feel works with your design, just go mad with your glue ! lol

Once it is dry you can also use spray paints or nail varnish for your metallic and glittery effects.
Looks fab in all sorts of colours and is great fun to make! :)

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