Wednesday, 15 October 2014

My latest creations! Masquerade mask masque mardi gras carnival

Musicians Masquerade!

I have used a serviette for this musical themed mask, musical print ribbon and fluffy black feathers.
It looks great and I think it would make a fab ornamental wall hanging in a musical orientated room!

This beautiful serviette/napkin looks great on this mask, finished with glitter and sparkly gems it would make a fab wall hanging for any masquerade enthusiast :)

Purple Sparklyness!
A gorgeous purple glitter mask, lots of sparkle and a pretty butterfly in fluffy feathers.
Perfect with a cocktail party dress!

Batman Stylie!
For all you Marvel fanatics!
Hand painted in metallic black and gold with bright gold embellishment KA-POW!!!

Please visit my Etsy or Folksy shop for lots more designs.
I do some commissions too!
Each mask is individual, one of a kind, I try not to repeat, although some may look similar there is always a difference!  :)

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