Thursday, 21 January 2016

Bird of prey ..Eagle mask commission ..finished!

I have been working on a commission these last few weeks, and I am pleased to say it is now finished and in the post! 
I was asked to make an eagle character, that looked like a superhero but slightly menacing.
I bought several hundred feathers and after adding a mod roc (plaster bandage) beak to a pre-made mask and painting that a yellowish colour, I set about adding all the feathers,.. most of them individually! 

This is the base with mod roc and gesso as a base for the paint.

When it was all dry, I painted the beak.


I painted the base in shades of grey and put black around the eyes. 

Then ...I added the feathers, trying to get a smooth layer all over.

Looking pretty good at this stage, nice and fluffy! lol 

There is grey felt around the eyes to neaten the edges and give a frown effect and black ribbon attached inside to tie.

And ..this is the finished mask! 

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