Monday, 27 July 2015

Belle of the Ball!

 This mask has a touch of Dark Victorian to it, with the skull cameo and black feathers and veiling.
Looks amazing on and would be perfect for a more Gothic themed Masked Ball.

 Love this one pretty with pearly pink and lace, lots of small bling to making this very romantic!

 And finally today.... one for the men, A stunning metal effect mask with cogs for those Steampunk enthusiasts! 

Monday, 13 July 2015

Masks galore! I have been busy

 Fabric drenched in stiffener layered over a mask base and painted silver.
 Veggie tanned leather wet moulded and shaped.
 Hand painted in black, gold and silver, with added gems.
 Gold and purple mask with lots of glitter, a real carnival stunner.
 Shimmering black fabric mask with feathers and veiling.
 Navy blue masquerade mask with fluffy feathers and lots of bling.
 Witchcraft mask, feathers, ribbon and stiffened natural fibers, decorated with witch themed metal charms and cobweb ribbon.
 Scarecrow mask ..made with hessian and black feathers, I used fabric stiffener on the hessian and painted it in copper brown and black.