Monday, 18 November 2013

Me...owww cat masks

Cat masks are my favourite for decorating, I love making all the masks that I do but I think the cats are the best!

 I just love doing these!
I am pleased to tell you that this purple one has SOLD! :)

I am starting to see that the black ones are the most popular, I guess they look the most realistic!?
Although I really like the ones in funky colours, especially the hot pink seen here in my Etsy shop

I will do some more black ones but have the urge to do a funky colour, just not sure what colour yet!!

Tuesday, 5 November 2013

Leather Mask

I have been desperate to try making a leather mask, so was happy to find some suitable leather and have a go. The leather was really thick and very hard to cut but I managed it and set to work.
I started with this piece of 5mm leather.......... used a hand drawn template and cut out my design.

And after all my hard work and nearly slicing off my one of my fingers I ended up with this mask!
I am very happy to say that this mask has SOLD! :)