Monday, 28 September 2015

Mask making for Halloween

In my last post you saw that I had started on a leather mask, I had cut out my design (my fingers were very sore!) ...since then I have wet molded, dried and painted the mask is the end result! 

This is a (luminous)glow in the dark mask with a spider nestling on the side, the glow has to be activated by bright lighting :)

If you love cogs and a touch of Steampunk ..this one is painted copper and pewter and looks very dashing!! :) 

You can find all my masks in my Etsy shop! 

Friday, 25 September 2015

Halloween Masks

I love Halloween and all the effort that goes into the fabulous costumes!

I have been busy making some Halloween masks, here are a few pics for you to see what I have been up to!!

This a traditional style masquerade mask in a nice purple, decorated with hand painted webs, cobweb ribbon, feathers and metal charms, it looks fab on and would be perfect for a masked ball!

This is a shimmery black fabric mask, with feathers and a big spider nestling in the cobweb ribbon, an elegant mask with a spooky twist! 

A witch's hat Alice band, how cute? 
Set on the angle and comfortable to wear!

How about spikes?
This is a black hand painted leather look mask, encrusted with gold spikes, it ties with black organza ribbon and is comfortable to wear.
Perfect for a rock chick or punk themed Halloween!

Zombie Alert!!
This is hand painted and is perfect for men but can be worn by ladies too! 
I t even has a few stitches and a little trickle of blood, fake of course!! 

Just love this one for the men!
Someone commented that they love it because it's a little bit naughty #50shadesofnaughtiness
It is a metallic pewter and has silver coloured spikes, it will be great for Halloween or a masked ball event.

And ..last but not least is this one, I think it has a touch of "The Crow" to it, but it will be very fitting for a Halloween party or any masked event, it ties with long black ribbon and is hand painted.

So that is a selection of my latest makes, hope you love them and are on your way over to my Etsy shop to view them all in more detail! :)

My latest project is a real leather mask, I am going to make a "Devil" and paint it red with a touch of black, here you can see that I have cut out my main shape, next I will wet mold it ..can't wait, this is my favourite make!! :)

I will put up pics soon of the finished mask!!!

Thursday, 10 September 2015

Where has the year gone?

This year is flying past and already we are into September, ..almost time for my weekend at the National Space Centre Creator Fair 19/20th Sept
I love this event, as all types of crafters will be there ..from Jewellery makers to electronic! 

Here are some of my latest makes, the masks above with the metal cogs has now sold and so has the bronze powertex cat just below! :) 

This mask is gorgeous and even better still in the fact that the butterfly is fitted with a flashing LED
Please visit my Face Book page to see it in action, just follow the link!

I also love making or decorating these little hats, the little bowler hat was pre-made, so I decorated it with net, feathers and ribbon roses, it has a crocodile clip so you can attach it to your head on the angle ...looks so sweet!

I just love my mini top hat, I made this one myself and covered it with this super skull fabric, ribbon, roses and feathers, it is attached on the angle to an Alice band, is very comfy to wear and looks fantastic!

This is my summer garden mask, isn't it pretty? 

Last of all is the mini witch hat for Halloween, this was ready made blank so I have decorated it with feathers, spider ribbon and witch themed metal charms.

All these items can be found in my Etsy shop, I pack well for postage and get the orders out no later than the next day unless you check out from sat midday, then I post on the monday!

Thanks for checking out my blog!