Friday, 25 September 2015

Halloween Masks

I love Halloween and all the effort that goes into the fabulous costumes!

I have been busy making some Halloween masks, here are a few pics for you to see what I have been up to!!

This a traditional style masquerade mask in a nice purple, decorated with hand painted webs, cobweb ribbon, feathers and metal charms, it looks fab on and would be perfect for a masked ball!

This is a shimmery black fabric mask, with feathers and a big spider nestling in the cobweb ribbon, an elegant mask with a spooky twist! 

A witch's hat Alice band, how cute? 
Set on the angle and comfortable to wear!

How about spikes?
This is a black hand painted leather look mask, encrusted with gold spikes, it ties with black organza ribbon and is comfortable to wear.
Perfect for a rock chick or punk themed Halloween!

Zombie Alert!!
This is hand painted and is perfect for men but can be worn by ladies too! 
I t even has a few stitches and a little trickle of blood, fake of course!! 

Just love this one for the men!
Someone commented that they love it because it's a little bit naughty #50shadesofnaughtiness
It is a metallic pewter and has silver coloured spikes, it will be great for Halloween or a masked ball event.

And ..last but not least is this one, I think it has a touch of "The Crow" to it, but it will be very fitting for a Halloween party or any masked event, it ties with long black ribbon and is hand painted.

So that is a selection of my latest makes, hope you love them and are on your way over to my Etsy shop to view them all in more detail! :)

My latest project is a real leather mask, I am going to make a "Devil" and paint it red with a touch of black, here you can see that I have cut out my main shape, next I will wet mold it ..can't wait, this is my favourite make!! :)

I will put up pics soon of the finished mask!!!

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