Wednesday, 31 March 2010

Resin paper weight and jewellery

I posted my resin swap paperweight and jewellery off to Kate my swap partner.

I was pleased that the paperweight turned out ok as I had made it in case my main item didn't work, well it didn't so thankfully I had the paperweight to fall back on...phew! The only real problem with the paperweight is a small air bubble at the surface, I have covered it with a clear diamante to protect it, it doesn't look too bad either!

I thought I would do a seaside/beach theme as Kate had said that was one of her likes.

I did three layers starting with tiny beads, flat shells and pearls, the second layer had a larger shell and the third layer I coloured in a watery sea blue.

The jewellery was a lot easier, I cut a couple of circles of nice papers, painted over them with mod podge and when they were dry glued them into the base of the bottle top and topped with tiny accessories and then poured the resin into the bottle top.

I mounted a bail onto the back of the necklace, but drilled a hole into the keyring, I haven't done this before and was surprised at how easy it was.

I learnt a few things during this swap, so I have really enjoyed it, I just hope that Kate likes her things, especially as they are not quite the jewellery pieces that I had planned, sorry Kate! =)


Anonymous said...

Ooh pretty!

Zoe said...

Love the paper weight Debbs. Hope your well and I must say your Grandson is a handsom little chap!


SNOW QUEEN said...

Thanks Zoe! I had better up date my grandsons piccy, he's nearly four now! lol

SNOW QUEEN said...

There we go, a new pic of my cheeky bouncing grandson!