Sunday, 28 June 2009


Here is my dog "Woody", caught on the arm chair having a sneaky comfy five minutes, naughty boy!

Don't give me that sad eyed look either, it won't work! Well......not all the time :0)


Vonnie said...

I am actually in love with your dog <3

SNOW QUEEN said...

You wouldn't be if he inflicted one of his farts on you! He farts for England, stink bomb factories could go out of business.
He has his RSPCA check next week, we are hoping he farts them straight out the door lol! :0)

hotdogandme said...

Arr bless, how cute is he?

SNOW QUEEN said...

Well...woody just had his RSPCA check and he growled at her!!, perhaps he thought she had come to take him back to those awful kennels. Anyway, she was very pleased that he has settled in so well and guess what? He didn't fart once lol!