Wednesday, 3 December 2008

I am so proud of my DH!

Last year (Dec 07) my OH was offered the chance to do "Challenge Africa", he would help build a school in Tanzania and spend time with the Masai tribe, then he would get the chance to climb Mount Meru.
We thought it would be July this year and started to prepare him with all the jabs and tablets, kitting out with clothes, hot summer clothes and wintery mountain clothes. We spent lots of money and saved hard for all the dollars he would need as well as organising his sponsor forms, raffles and collecting from shops. He needed to raise several thousand as the target set for him and his BT colleages was £40,000.

Just before Christmas he got his e-mail telling him that the trip was to take place in March 08!!! We had barely anytime to prepare and worst of all our Silver Wedding Anniversary was at the beginning of March?????

He was gutted that we would be the furthest apart we had ever been on such a special day, I supported him fully as he had to go, he may never be offered this type of adventure again.

Anyway, to cut a very long story short, He did the challenge and I am extremely proud, he saw stuff that was a real eye opener to him and he found the whole experience a roller coaster of emotions, he didn't quite conquer Meru but he came pretty damn close.

He has over 600 photo's and a lovely DVD that really captures the team effort that was put in by everyone, they all supported each other through all their emotions and he came home with more friends than ever, he has so much to tell and he learnt so much, AND....they all raised £50,000!!

Now in June 09 he is doing the "Three peeks"(England), this only lasts a weekend but all money he raises will go towards buying an Air Ambulance. So its more trekking clothes and fund raising, and I am proud once again!
Watch this space ;0)

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