Wednesday, 9 December 2015

Red Devil mask and spikes for masked ball events

I have been working on a leather mask and it is now finished, I love working with veggie tanned leather, it really is hands on!
Cutting it out into the shape I require, drenching it in water and shaping it is such fun. Then painting it and adding studs favourite type of mask making! Here is my finished mask ..a Devil with horns and studs, it ties with long red ribbon, is comfortable to wear and it's available in my Etsy shop!

Beelzebub,Satan,Lucifer,Prince of Darkness,Diavolo
Perfect for a fancy dress party, carnival or masked ball.

I also had a delivery from Venice of my blank mask bases ... I like to use these bases because I love the quality and they are a good base to start with, I sand them down and then paint them with quality acrylics and add all my embellishments to finish, here is one I finished this week! 

 It has white feathers and clear sparkly gems and looks very pretty, just perfect for a masked event! 

And is one for the men, Italian made base ..hand painted in black acrylic and decorated with spikes, looks really cool on too! 

Masquerade mask for men ..simply gorgeous!

 All my masks are available in my Etsy shop, I do take on commissions as well, so long as you give me plenty of time say six plus weeks! :)

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