Friday, 22 February 2013

Art journal

I am the most rubbishy blogger there ever was, I never find the time to blog these days, so today there must be something wrong with me! oh hang on, it must be something to do with having my hours cut at work!
Well, I still don't think that I will improve after today, but there is always the chance I will!

I have been admiring art journaling in one form or another and really like it, so......after my recent visit to the NEC, I was inspired to start a book.

Here are my first two pictures, what do you think?

I have used acrylic inks,paints,stamps and stamp pads, stickles, tulip, glue,fabric and anything else I can get my hands on!

My next picture is a dragonfly that I have drawn freehand in black pen, I will continue with it when I get some free time, next week I guess! :) (or perhaps I won't be back for another five months!) :-/

1 comment:

Kärt Prantsen said...

This is so beautiful! Really amazing! Good job!

(Found your blog from MakeandCraft forum :))