Wednesday, 27 January 2010

Resin Bracelets

I have been having a play with resin today, I bought a lovely chunky resin bracelet last year and a couple of weeks ago I took a mould of it with siligum moulding putty, it was great fun squiging it around the bangle but I had to work quick as it sets so fast.

Finally today, after GS went I actually started work on it. I have used "easy cast resin" but it takes ages to dry so I won't now for a day or so how it has turned out.
I have embedded glass pieces and am sure they will all sink to one side with todays "easy pour resin" but I don't mind, it's all good fun.

The good thing about the siligum mould is that I can re-use it quite a few times as it is so flexible.

Next time I will make the bangle with two layers of resin so that my glass pieces sit more in the middle, will post my catastophe's later so watch this space!

Here are a couple of bangles that I have did last year, the clear one has tiny watch parts in and I love the way the layer looks thin at the edge but from the top it looks all magnified.
The green one has glitter and tiny star sprinkles and is coloured with glass paint, I didn't stir it into the resin as I didn't want full colour, so I just dipped a cocktail stick into the colour and swirled it about at the edges.

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