Sunday, 8 February 2009

Our new dog!

It was a great day today, we picked up our rescue dog from the RSPCA, he is a dalmatian/Harlequin great dane cross they think? eeeeek! how big will he get?

He is a bit ignorant and runs around like a loonatic, but he is very loving and we are very optimistic that we will get on, forever.....awwww, bless him!
Well, today is a fortnight since we got Woody, and he is a lovely friendly, big soppy dog who has settled in with us so well.
The only thing he has done is ripped a load of plastic bags to pieces that he managed to get hold of, silly boy!
Oh yeah... he is scared stiff of a whoopy cushion, so much that he hid behind the armchair and peeped out, looking so worried.
He had to be coaxed out with a treat, I didn't mean to scare him, I promise! (was hilarious though, poor doggy)


Crafted Gems said...

oh what a cutie, I have a soft spot for dogs and he just looks adorable

Anonymous said...

He's lovely! Does he have a name yet?

SNOW QUEEN said...

The more I look at him, the bigger he looks! one big soppy dog! We ended up calling him "Woody" as in Toy Story, something to do with the out of control floppy legs and he seem's to like it too!